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Jan 30

Reggie's Travel Tips and First Aid Kit Items:

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As we pets know, our owners sometimes forget that "safety never takes a day off." In addition, they sometimes forget a first aid kit altogether or remember that we pets may need some additional items in the event of a pet related injury.

Here are some tips and items to consider before hitting the road either cross country or to your local parks.

Always Carry:
  • Sterile Towels
  • A familiar Blanket
  • Plenty of Gauze and bandaging materials
  • Medical Adhesive Tape, (The white variety)
  • Duct Tape (yes duct tape for splits)
  • Saline Solution for irrigating eyes
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Antibiotic Ointments
Lastly, a muzzle in the event that we become afraid and have to be restrained for treatment.
Keep your pet calm and with familiar people like family.
Always carry a cell phone to call for help.
Coming soon: Pawtootie App for your smartphone that will use GPS technology to direct you to the nearest vet or clinic while away from your primary care veterinarian.
Hope this info is helpful.

For now, Happy Tails !

Reggie May Steinhour 
Safety Administrator and outdoor enthusiast